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Streamline your workflow

Kaluma can automate frequent tasks and guide employees and customers through your self-service, multi-user workflow and processes.

Jonathan Spencer, IT Executive, Barloworld Transport Solutions

"Turning a complicated workflow into a simple, easily managed set of steps not only saves us time, but the transparency and repeatability reduces our risk of costly errors."

Generate documents automatically

You create a myriad of new documents daily. Proposals, invoices, contracts and many other business documents. Let Kaluma dynamically assemble these Word, PDF and other documents for you.

John Giles, Partner, PropDox

"Kaluma's business apps make it quicker and easier for our customers to generate documents and conclude agreements."

Authorize and sign electronically

Kaluma brings the power of digital sign-off and electronic signatures to your everyday workflow. From management signoff to formal signatures from multiple stakeholders, Kaluma makes it easy.

Lance Michalson, Co-Founder, Online Legal

"By integrating document generation and electronic signatures into the same workflow, Kaluma have enabled our customers to navigate previously complicated legal processes with ease."

Digitize scanned paperwork

Paper is often unavoidable and in bulk it can quickly become unmanageable. Kaluma works with popular scanners to makes it easy to integrate and process digitized paper and faxes.

Feighen Oosterbroek, Development Manager, The Manline Group

"Paperwork is a fact of life in our customer supply chains, and Kaluma's platform has played a key role in helping Manline manage and orchestrate this information flow as we've scaled."

WordPress Plugin

Kaluma's new WordPress plugin brings true enterprise application power to the world's most popular CMS. Employees, partners and customers can now interact with our secure, hosted business apps from within your own Wordpress website.

Cloud Computing

Kaluma's enterprise-strength platform is powered by Amazon's scaleable cloud-based infrastructure. Your sensitive data is hosted safely on our platform and our infrastructure scales dynamically, taking the load off your website.

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