Security Policy Compliance

Manage Project Requirements

Kaluma manages both the business-as-usual tasks for an operational IT project and the audit-required data collection and approvals. Our platform automates frequent tasks and guides employees and suppliers through self-service, multi-user workflows.

Jonathan Spencer, IT Executive, Barloworld Transport

"Turning a complicated workflow into a simple, easily managed set of steps not only saves us time, but the transparency and repeatability reduces our risk of costly errors."

Enforce Company Policies

With Kaluma's Software as a Service platform, company policies become operating procedures, subject to audit and control. Easily gather data, sign-off and approve, and collate and report on recurring policy requirements. Ensure all teams within the organization, as well as external suppliers, remain in compliance.

Lance Michalson, Co-Founder, Online Legal

"By integrating document generation and electronic signatures into the same workflow, Kaluma have enabled our customers to navigate previously complicated legal processes with ease."

Promote Industry Best Practices

Best practices take the form of hard earned experience and agreed industry convention. They are arrived at through costly trial and error, take shape at industry events where experience is shared and built upon, and sometimes codified by standards bodies. They are ever changing, and can be either reactionary or proactive, but what they cannot be is ignored. Kaluma's platform allows you to remain abreast of these IT security best practices and, more importantly, put them into operation.

Feighen Oosterbroek, Development Manager, The Manline Group

"Paperwork is a fact of life in our industry, and Kaluma's platform has played a key role in helping Manline manage and orchestrate this information flow as we've scaled."

Comply with Government Regulations

Regulations are a daily reality of doing business in a multitude of industries, countries and across international borders. They can be a minefield, are sometimes contradictory, and seem to be ever changing and evolving. Understanding those that are applicable, and as importantly, how to maintain operational compliance with them, can require teams of people with cross disciplinary skills. Kaluma aims to simplify that.

John Giles, Partner, PropDox

"Kaluma's Software as a Service platform makes it quicker and easier for our customers to generate documents and conclude agreements."

Audit Logs

Compliance depends squarely on knowing who did what when. Automatically keeping track of operational compliance is the secret to an efficient team and happy auditors. Kaluma makes it easy for managers and auditors to run reports against compliance evidence.

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